Reflections on helping students through the support of ER Jackman Friends and Alumni

As a department head of Food Science and Technology from 2000-2018, Bob McGorrin understands the financial struggles that many OSU students experience while completing their college degrees.  The costs of a university education seem to have increased exponentially, and this places significant burdens on students and their families.  Many of our students are carrying heavy workloads while juggling classes and study time, so the impact that scholarships and other financial assistance can have is immeasurable.

Bob and Marlene recognized the value that the ER Jackman Scholarships provide to students in the College of Agricultural Sciences.   Bob and Marlene became ER Jackman Fellows in 2007 by contributing $3,000 to the ER Jackman endowments. The benefit of contributing at the college level is that the funds support students from all units in the College. Over the years, they have continued to be involved with various programs (scholarships, internships, beginning research and club activities) funded by ER Jackman. 

Most recently, the McGorrins contributed to the establishment of the Thayne & Missy Dutson and Roy & Jane Arnold Scholarship endowments in the College. Thayne and Roy were instrumental to the McGorrins coming to OSU and they are appreciative of the leadership that Thayne and Roy provided to the former ER Jackman group, now known as the ER Jackman Friends and Alumni. The recent decision by the College and the ER Jackman Board to recognize and utilize the ER Jackman Fellows will provide more opportunities to assist deserving students across the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Bob and Marlene McGorrin

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