Mission, Values and Emphasis

Our Mission

Oregon is unmatched in the density of its diverse agricultural, environmental, and social landscape. As the founding college of the state’s land-grant institution dedicated to serving all Oregonians, the College of Agricultural Sciences stands at the crossroads of conservation and production. We find creative solutions at the confluence of diverse perspectives. As champions of science, we embrace differences to find common ground and create opportunity — committed each day to make tomorrow better.


Our Values

We are responsive to the needs of those we serve;

We are a reliable source of credible, evidence-based information and education;

We partner with individuals, organizations, businesses, and stakeholders beyond OSU;

We collaborate with colleagues to tackle complex problems with integrated ideas;

We include diverse perspectives in our research, outreach and educational efforts;

We foster mutual respect among ourselves and the broader community;

We are accountable for stewardship of resources and for fulfillment of our missions.