Lydia Graber named the Greenhouse Operations Manager

The College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) at Oregon State University named Lydia Graber as the Greenhouse Operations Manager starting September 1, 2022. Lydia has been employed with OSU since 2015, serving as a student worker, BioScience Research Technician II & III, as well as the Greenhouse Operations Assistant Manager. With her appointment as Manager, Lydia can now say she has held every employment position within Greenhouse Operations, a great advantage for CAS and her unit. Lydia received her Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from OSU in 2016 and even lived within the Greenhouse Operations facility in the resident apartments. She continues as a member of the Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators.
Jack Breen, Chief Operating Officer, and supervisor to the Manager position said, “I am very pleased that the search committee, chaired by Carrie Burkholder, recommended Lydia for this position. Not only does she have extensive experience and knowledge in managing greenhouse operations but she also has been very effective at understanding and meeting faculty needs and enabling the development of new facilities.”  
Lydia is replacing Jim Ervin who has served as the Greenhouse Operations Manager since 2006 and was under the title of Greenhouse Supervisor from 1998-2006 before that. Breen said, “Jim Ervin has had a long and outstanding career in greenhouse operations. Faculty and college administrators have frequently expressed their appreciation for his excellent work. I am grateful that he has expressed a willingness to continue to provide support during the transition period.”