Dr. Everald McLennon takes new role at Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center as Assistant Professor

After serving the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center (KBREC) for three years as a post-doc scholar, McLennon was recently named Assistant Professor.

With a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Nevada, McLennon has led a number of critical projects at the station, including designing field experiments, coordinating lab and field activities such as planting, irrigation, harvesting, data collection, plant and soil measurements related to different cropping systems as well as organizing field day/farm tours, result analysis, reports and presentations.

“Everald is a trusted and valued member of the team at KBREC,” said Brian Charlton, Director of KBREC. “His dedication to this community and scientific diligence that brings meaningful solutions to our stakeholders who face huge challenges is tremendously important. This new role is well-deserved recognition of those efforts.”

According to McLennon, the sustainability of human societies and the environment depends on the wise use of our natural resources.

“My focus is on agricultural strategies such as water-use efficiencies, soil, plants and environment interactions of cropping systems that can reduce agricultural emissions while simultaneously improving soil health and maintaining environmental quality,” McLennon said. “My overall goal is to improve production efficiencies for farmers while protecting natural resources.”

In addition to these efforts, McLennon is also invested in helping to raise awareness on the benefits of capturing (from CO2) and storing carbon in above and below ground plant biomass. This is part of the USDA $50 million grant project.

“Reducing the concentrations of greenhouse gasses will go a far way in improving and maintaining environmental quality. I am excited to see how our research work can contribute to carbon sequestration as we tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing growers in our region and beyond.”

McLennon began his role as Assistant Professor in September 2023.