Laboratory Standards & Certification

This consortium includes faculty members from the departments of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology, Food Science & Technology, Crop & Soil Science, Pharmacy, and Chemistry. The group’s overall focus is to conduct research and gather information on analytical methods for the assessment of compounds of interest relating to hemp and hemp products across the entire production chain. Potential hemp research includes topics such as:

  • Providing support and curation for sample receipt, preparation and processing for research projects
  • Identification of robust quantitative methods with a high standard of quality assurance/quality control for analysis of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytocompounds of interest
  • Coordination of a testing lab network throughout the United States
  • Changes to plant chemoprofile in response to practices throughout the processing chain, contributing to a green, circular economy
  • Quantitation of cannabinoids and other biomolecules in biological matrices and measurement of health indices in livestock consuming hemp as feed material
  • Identification of relevant toxicology assays to assess environmental and consumer safety of hemp products


Craig Marcus

Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Faculty leader of Laboratory Standards & Certification Research Consortium

Jennifer Duringer

Assistant Professor (Sr Research)
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

Michael Qian

Image of Professor, Michael Qian, OSU Food Science and Technology

Food Science & Technology

Valtcho Jeliazkov

Associate Professor
Crop & Soil Science




Fred Stevens

Fred Stevens

Associate Dean for Research
College of Pharmacy