OSU Hemp Field Day, 2021

October 1, 2021 

Klamath Basin Research & Extension Center 

6941 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, OR

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Hemp is huge in Southern Oregon. Hemp flourishes here and the climate, soil and diurnal cycles all cooperate to make this agricultural product an important part of the economy. The Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University leads the way in research and experimentation, doing the important work to identify best practices. A warm welcome to Dr. Govinda Surestha, the statewide hemp specialist at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, who convened the 2021 Hemp Field day on October 1, 2021 at the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center. As Kinglsey Field Air National Guard training jets roared their path across the sky, OSU agriculturalists gave updates on the latest hemp research to a healthy crowd of about 50 growers and processors.

00:00:00 Introduction: Dr. Jeff Steiner
00:00:38 Govinda Surestha: Statewide Hemp Update
00:13:32 Rich Roseberg: Southern Oregon Hemp Research and Update
00:21:22 Gordon Jones: Cannabinoid Accumulation and Harvest Timing
00:32:36 Don Wysocki: Hemp Grain Trials
00:43:44 Tom Silberstein: Western US Hemp Water Use Trial

Dr. Shrestha and Dr. Gordon Jones host the Southern Oregon Hemp Growers Forum with monthly podcasts on first Tuesdays at https://beav.es/Uf4 To contact Dr. Govinda Shrestha, email govinda.surestha@oregonstate.edu. For more information on the Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University visit https://agsci.oregonstate.edu/hemp

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