Wildfire Smoke Effects on Hemp Stewardship Committee

The OSU Global Hemp Innovation Center has formed a Wildfire Smoke Effects on Hemp Stewardship Committee to share perspectives and information on how to assess and manage the effects of wildfire on hemp and hemp products. This stewardship committee is comprised of volunteer members from industry and universities in Oregon, California, Washington, and Colorado. This is the first step to address the short-term needs for research and information development from this year's fires, and plan how to work forward similarly to the effort that has been put in place for the grape and wine industry.

Video courtesy of Chris Ringo

Analytical/Lab Smoke Effects Working Group

  • Brad Douglass - The Werc Shop
  • Jennifer Duringer - OSU Endophyte Service Lab,¬†faculty lead of workgroup
  • David Gang - Washington State University
  • Kevin Hounshell - Pure LLC
  • Craig Marcus - OSU Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
  • Pat Marshall - Sunrise Analytical
  • Kelly O'Connor - Columbia Labs | American Western Hemp Products Association board
  • Bonny Jo Peterson - Industrial Hemp Association of Washington | Association of Western Hemp Professionals
  • Jen Stiles - Columbia Labs
  • Amber Wise - Medicine Creek Analytics | Puyallup Tribe

Production Smoke Effects Working Group

  • Misty Burris - Agri/Alchemy LLC
  • Matt Cyrus - Board of Directors Oregon Hemp Farmers Association | Farm¬†in Central Oregon
  • Sara Light - UC Davis Agronomy Advisor
  • Max Moritz - UC Santa Barbara
  • Giavanna Accurso - Iverson Family Farms
  • Karen Sprague - KS Essentials