OSU Extension Publications

What is Industrial Hemp? (August 2019)

Soil, Seedbed Preparation and Seeding for Hemp (August 2019)

Basics of Fall Cover Cropping for Hemp in Oregon (September 2019)

Hemp Sex-Ed (February 2020)

Seed Quality and Dormancy of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) (December 2020)

OSU Hemp Crop Production Research Update (July 2023)

        Statewide Needs Assessment for the Hemp Industry in Oregon (December 2023)


Blockchain-Enabled Internet-of-Things Platform for End-to-End Industrial Hemp Supply Chain (August 2020)

Enterprise Budget

Hemp, CBD Oil, Mechanical Harvest, Willamette Valley (July 2021)


Grinding and Fractionation during Distillation Alter Hemp Essential Oil Profile and Its Antimicrobial Activity (August 2020)

Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa subsp. sativa) as an Emerging Source for Value-Added Functional Food Ingredients and Nutraceuticals (September 2020)

Industrial, CBD, and Wild Hemp: How Different Are Their Essential Oil Profile and Antimicrobial Activity? (October 2020) 

Valorization of CBD-hemp through distillation to provide essential oil and improved cannabinoids profile (October 2021)

Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS-CoV-2 and the Emerging Variants (January 2022)

Terpenes and Cannabinoids Yields and Profile from Direct-Seeded and Transplanted CBD-Cannabis sativa (April 2022)

Green extraction of hemp (Cannabis saiva L.) using microwave method for recovery of three valuable fractions (essential oil, phenolic compounds and cannabinoids): a central composite design optimization study (April 2022)

Impact of Indole-3-butyric Acid Concentration and Formulation and Propagation Environment on Rooting Success of ‘I3’ Hemp by Stem Cuttings (May 2022)

Assessment of Spent Hemp Biomass as a Potential Ingredient in Ruminant Diet: Nutritional Quality and Effect on Performance, Meat and Carcass Quality, and Hematological Parameters in Finishing Lambs (August 2022)

Antiviral Properties of Hemp Cannabinoids (April 2023)

Feeding spent hemp biomass to lactating dairy cows: effects on performance, milk components and quality, blood parameters, and nitrogen metabolism. (September 2023)

       Optimization of hemp production technology for fiber and seed (July 2024)


White papers

         Hemp Feed Workshop White Paper: Identification of Research Priorities for the Use of Hemp Byproducts as Feed Ingredients for Livestock and Animals (Aug 2023)