Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center: Burns

We are proud to collaborate with USDA-ARS in research that supports beef cattle production while addressing issues critical to rangeland ecology. Learn more about our unique partnership below.

Who we are

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (EOARC) is a cooperative research effort between Oregon State University and USDA-ARS (Agricultural Research Service) focusing on rangeland ecology and restoration of wildlands, environmentally compatible livestock systems, forage crops, and alternative livestock systems in the sagebrush-steppe of the Great Basin and inland coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest. The Center's research program is unique in the integration of research about beef cattle, rangeland, wildlife, watershed, and forest management. 

Research on the Range

OSU’s research at the two agricultural experiment stations that comprise EOARC (Burns and Union) focuses on beef cattle production and management. Cattle have been raised in Oregon since John Quincy Adams was elected president in 1824. Cattle and calves ranked as the state’s second-leading agricultural commodity in 2016, with a value estimated at $701 million.

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Ecosystem Management for Sage-Grouse

Ecosystem Management for Sage-Grouse

The Great Basin area of the western United States faces a host of challenges and threats to the health of the ecosystem including invasion of exotic annual grasses, altered fire cycles and juniper encroachment. There is substantial and growing concern over a number of sagebrush obligate wildlife species and greater sage-grouse have become the cumulative face of these concerns. This video discusses the need to address sage-grouse concerns within an ecosystem management framework which can benefit all the goods and services the land supplies, including habitat for sage-grouse.

Sage-Grouse Conservation: Linking Practices to Habitat Metrics

Important Events

Calving School

**Thank you to everyone who attended. Check back at a later date for info on our next Calving School.**

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - EOARC

Burns, Oregon




Range Field Day

Our annual Range Field Day has been postponed.  Check back frequently for updated information as it develops.  Flyer and agenda to be posted soon.

High School Range Camp

****High School Range Camp is being discussed.  Please check back frequently for more information.****

Open to high school students (incoming 9th grade through graduating 12th grade) from Oregon, Idaho and Washington (usually the second or third week of June) at Northern Great Basin Experimental Range, near Burns, Oregon.  Total cost to the camper is only $50 and all meals are provided!

What to expect:  Team building and leadership, mapping - all about finding your way on the rangeland, around the campfire fun and activities - night time navigation,  invasive weeds - how how they change the management picture, sagebrush ecosystems—what to manage and how to manage?

Prior year application and brochure - just as an example: