Undergraduate Research

BES Summer Internships

The Branch Experiment Stations (BES) for the College of Agricultural Sciences are pleased to announce an exciting experiential learning opportunity for Oregon State University undergraduate students.  The Branch Experiment Stations are off-campus research facilities located across Oregon.  They are located in regions of Oregon where they can have the most impact in helping stakeholders (farmers, ranchers, fishermen, food processing entrepreneurs) to address the critical issues specific to that locale.  

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Beginning Researchers Support Program

This funding will support research opportunities for undergraduates who are engaging in formal research for the first time. While open to all undergraduate students in the College of Agricultural Sciences who are engaging in research for the first time, freshmen, sophomores, and first-year transfer students are especially encouraged to apply for this support. The objective of the Beginning Researchers Support Program is to enable undergraduates to explore research experiences under the guidance of a faculty researcher.

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Continuing Researchers Support Program

The Continuing Researchers Support Program provides funding assistance for faculty and students who are seeking support for a semi-independent research project. The student applicant identifies a faculty member to work with and to develop a research/work proposal. Proposals for this support should include evidence of strong faculty/student collaboration, previous student research experience, and a research topic in line with the ongoing research of the faculty and in service to the university. This program requires cost share by the faculty.

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