Global Experience Fund

The Global Experience Fund, established for the College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University, provides resources in support of students and faculty gaining global experiences related to food and agriculture.

Hiram Larew, who earned a masters degree in botany and plant pathology and a doctorate in entomology at Oregon State University, is the lead donor for the endowment and his gift was matched by the ER Jackman Friends and Alumni Board and the Dean of Agricultural Sciences. Several other donors have also contributed to the endowment.  Dr. Larew said he seeks to increase international opportunities for students and faculty.

The endowment, established through the OSU Foundation, provides funds to support students who wish to enrich their studies with life-changing international experiences.  Since June 2013, awards ranging from $200-$2000 averaging $1000 each have been awarded to students doing International Internships; often these funds were augmented by awards directly from the ER Jackman Fund. Additional funds have been used to support students participating on Exploring World Agricultural educational tours, international service-learning trips, and to participate in and host the IAAS (International Association of Agriculture and related Sciences) National Summit.

Support to students from the Global Experience Fund is making a difference. Read below how Dominee Cagle spent the summer of 2018 at the Dan Girang Field Centre in Borneo and states “Overall, this was an incredibly valuable experience.”  And, read about Kevin Keys’ International Internship at the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust in South Africa.

With the ever-increasing importance of international engagement to Oregon’s agriculture, it’s critical that faculty and students build awareness of and involvement in global agriculture, “My intent has been pretty simple," says Larew "I hope that other alums and donors will join me in building the Global Experience Fund endowment as a way of ensuring that the College is able to support Oregon agriculture and natural resources which increasingly depends on international engagement. During the pandemic-caused pause in international work, I nonetheless hope that we will continue to grow the Endowment so that it's that much more able to lend support when students can once again grab their passports and go." 

Alumni and others who wish to build the Global Experience Fund endowment through additional donations.

"I joined two new Faculty-Led Programs, supplemented by the Global Experience Fund, which empowered me to overcome barriers as a first-generation college student and immerse myself in diverse cultures and learn about agriculture in distinct parts of the world."

Victoria, Mexico and New Zealand, ‘23

"The Ecuador program was one of the greatest growth experiences that I've had in my college career"

Carly, Ecuador ‘23

"This was life changing. I became a better me."

Coralee, United Kingdom ‘23

Observing Healthcare and Medicine in Ecuador

“As a premed student and a Bioresource Research major, I feel this clinical internship will benefit me greatly in preparing me for my career both as a physician and as a researcher. "
~ Anna Breen

Observ ing Healthcare and Medicine in Ecuador by Anna Breen

Where-wolf There-wolf

“As I aim to develop a future career in international wildlife conservation, this opportunity was invaluable in introducing me to some of many cultural, economic, political and environmental challenges to conservation in East Africa and how best to tackle them. "
~ Juliana Masseloux

The Travel Edition: The Journeys of a Metamorphosing Conservationist

“This internship was an incredible experience beyond compare! I continue to be impacted by it on a daily basis, and appreciate everyone involved in assisting with the financial support received. "
~ Rachel Patterson

sea turtle

Global Experiences Fund Awardees

Global Experiences Fund Awardees Summer/Fall 2024

Major Internship
Horticulture Research Assistant Intern, Meterik, The Netherlands

Global Experiences Fund Awardees Summer/Fall 2023

Major Internship
Fisheries and Wildlife Cheetah Conservation Fund Intern #1, Namibia
Fisheries and Wildlife Cheetah Conservation Fund Intern #2, Namibia
Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Intern, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Animal Sciences Willowbank Wildlife Reserve Intern, Christchurch, New Zealand
Fisheries and Wildlife / Sustainability Conservation Engagement Intern, Mexico
Faculty Led Program Farm, Fork and Fiber: Agriculture in the U.K.
Faculty Led Program Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Biodiversity in Ecuador
Faculty Led Program Sustainable Pastoral Landscapes in New Zealand

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2022

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2022 Fisheries and Wildlife Community Development Intern, Borneo, Malaysia
  Horticulture Assistant to the winemaker and viticulture manager, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  Bioresource Research Human Rights Volunteer, Barcelona, Spain

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2019

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2019 Bioresource Research Community Medicine Intern, Ecuador
  Animal Sciences Student Animal Care Assistant, Australia
  Horticulture and Agricultural Sciences Tropical Agricultural Research Assistant, Costa Rica
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Intern, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
Spring 2019 Agricultural Sciences Dairy Assistant, Ireland

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2018

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2018

Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Field Research Assistant, Malaysian Borneo
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Environmental Education Trust Assistant, Cape Town, South Africa
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Forest Ecology Research Assistant, Panama
Spring 2018 Agricultural Sciences Assistant gardener on organic farm, Ireland
Winter 2018 Agricultural Business Management Marketing Assistant, New Zealand

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2017

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2017 Animal Sciences Veterinary Service Intern, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  Bioresource Research Research Assistant, South Africa
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Ekko Brasil Intern, Florianpólis, Brazil
  Agricultural Sciences Soils Training Intern Assistant, Batiki Island, Fiji

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2016

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2016 Agricultural Sciences Trainee, South Holland, Netherlands
  Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Research Assistant, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Winter 2016 Agricultural Business Management International Farming Internship, New Zealand

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2015

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2015 Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences Intern for One People One Reef, Yap, Micronesia
  Food Science & Technology Intern Cheesemaker, Poligny, France
  Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences Action for Cheetahs Researcher, Kenya
  Agricultural Sciences Intern, Bonn, Germany

Global Experiences Fund Awardees 2014

Term Major Internship
Summer and Fall 2014 Zoology, Fisheries and Wildlife Science Sea Turtle Researcher, Costa de Oro, Costa Rica
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Undergraduate Researcher, Phoenix Islands
  Food Science & Technology Global Wine Industry Intern, Puglia, Italy
  Fisheries and Wildlife Science Sea Turtle Monitoring, Kyparissiakos Bay, Greece
Spring 2014 Fisheries and Wildlife Science Conservation Education Volunteer, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Poster Presentations

2024 Puerto Rico trip

Amelia Harper - Coastal Resilience in Pueto Rico: Hurricanes and Food Security

Amber Fultz - Community-based Conservation Projects in Puerto Rico: Enhancing Resilience and Sustainability

Brandy Deliguin - Agriculture for the Tropics

Carolyn Crofford - Conserving the Canopy: Puerto Rico Inspiring Resiliency Through Cooperative Conservation.

Daniel Gonzalez Giron - Water Filtration: A Guide to Combat Water Pollution

Elizabeth Sissi Lopez - Harnessing Algae for Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency in Puerto Rico

Jessica Chavez Chairez - Building Food Sovereignty in Puerto Rico Through Innovative, Sustainable, and Resilient Agriculture

Guadalupe Licona Hernandez - Microplastics in Puerto Rico: While visiting Barranquitas we did a beach clean-up and were surprised by the amount of microplastics.

Hunter (Akúnvaan) Grove - Puerto Rican Ameiva Impacts from Invasive Iguanas

Jamon Jordan - A Community-Driven Approach to Sargassum Monitoring

Spencer Mitchell - Invaders of Paradise: Overview of Invasive Species Challenges faced in Puerto Rico

Myles Tallmadge - A Moral Muse: The fine line between inspiration and appropriation

Nicole Guevara - Puerto Rico: Budding food resiliency and farm crops

Victoria Flores Parra - Puerto Rico: Embracing Community and Sharing Passion

David Bugarin - Planting Plantains and Cultivating Community in Puerto Rico

Andrea Fernando - A Green Future for Puerto Rico

Roberto Ponce Velez - Unmatched Hospitality and Resiliency — Puerto Rico from the Perspective of an Oregon State University student Roberto Ponce Velez

Tai- Renée King - An All too Familiar Story About Hunger

Sofia X. Vazquez-Fernandez - From Mountain to Coast –Puerto Rico’s Forests

Valeria Coronado - Tourism & Puerto Rico’s Beaches

Wesley Armendarez – Emerging Hydroponic Lettuce Production in Puerto Rico

Jimena Anguiano – Aquaculture: Production of Aquatic Organisms

2022 Puerto Rico trip

Belen Amezcua - Planting Seeds for a Better Future

Nick Carleson - Science in Puerto Rico: For the people, by the people

Laura Jost - Puerto Rico: Ecological and Human Resilience

Daniel Gonzalez - Ecological and Economical Rehabilitation

Dennet Flores - Puerto Rico: Resilient Coastal Communities / Natural Resources Education for Island Communities

Diana Galicia - The Slow Relief Process After Hurricane Maria

Elizabeth Lopez - Puerto Rico: Plant Scientist’s Playground

Eric Giovanni Soto - Puerto Rico: A broad exposure to agriculture

Eve Krelling - The Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Project’s Challenges and Methods of
Introducing a Wild Population of Parrots to Protected Rainforest Lands

Juriana-Barboza - Island Community Resilience

Johanna Hamilton - Resources, Restoration and Resilience: Puerto Rico's Path to Recovery

Leanne Cohn - Using Natural Resource Education and Service Based Activities to Strengthen Community Resilience in Puerto Rico

Sydney McWhorten - Environment, Economy, and Natural Disasters: How Puerto Rico’s Resilience Led to Recovery

Spencer Mitchell - Aiding in Puerto Rico's Coastal Resiliency

Olivia Schmidt - Growing Food Grows Resiliency

Rahiza L. De Thomas Rodríguez - Algae help save the economy and tourism of Puerto Rico

Ruben Lopez - Puerto Rico: Diversifying a broader aspect of agriculture

Kevin Sanchez - Puerto Rico: Finding Home Far From Home

Shannon Reever - Beyond Blue Tarps: Building Strength Within

Sydney Hundelt - Restoring Mangrove Forests in Puerto Rico: Protecting Ecosystems that Protect Us

Tai Renee King - Building Food Security in a Resilient Community

Venecia Rollins - Adaptation: The Keystone of Resilience in the Present Day. A Case Study of Puerto Rico and Environmental Justice.

Xavier Tacker - Wingin’ It: Restoration of Endemic Puerto Rican Birds