Roughstalk Bluegrass

Increased production of rough bluegrass has increased competition for acreage and impacted the Kentucky bluegrass industry. Rough bluegrass is used in the southern part of the US for over-seeding warm season grasses like Burmudagrass. Warm-season grasses go dormant and turn brown during the cool season and Rough bluegrass, generally mixed with ryegrass,help maintain a lush, green color through the winter. As temperatures rise in the spring, the rough bluegrass mix dies, and the warm-season grasses come out of dormancy and become green again. Rough bluegrass is shade tolerant and thrives in damp conditions. It is one of the most winter hardy turf grasses. However, it has poor wearability in high-use areas and poor drought and heat tolerance, requiring more water than Kentucky bluegrass.

Over 2000 acres of Roughstalk bluegrass was planted and harvested in 2012, averaging 1,100 pounds an acre, grossing $2,947,230.

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