Video Lectures

Lecture Series: Introduction to Bioenergy & Biofuels

This series contains 25 short lectures, each between 10 and 15 minutes long. The content in these lectures is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways to communicate bioenergy concepts to audiences from diverse backgrounds. A primary objective of this series is to present facts about bioenergy and biofuels and use them to explore misconceptions.

Click the lesson titles below to view the video. A pdf of the lecture with notes and additional URL links is also available. The lectures in this series are part of the E-campus course BRR 350: Introduction to Regional Bioenergy, offered by Oregon State University.

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Lecture 1:
Early Bioenergy History

Lecture 2:
Recent Bioenergy History

Lecture 3:
Feedstocks Fossil Fuels

Lecture 4:
Feedstocks Forest & Field Biomass Sources


Lecture 5:
Feedstocks Aquatic Biomass & Urban Wastes

Lecture 6:
Carbon Feedstock Comparisons

Lecture 7:
Biomass Chemistry

Lecture 8:
Fuel Chemistry

Lecture 9:
Bioenergy Industry Overview

Lecture 10:
Mechanical Conversions Oil Extraction & Size Reduction

Lecture 11:
Mechanical Conversions Drying & Densification

Lecture 12:
Combustion & Gasification

Lecture 13:
Pyrolysis & Liquefaction

Lecture 14:
Biomass to Parts

Lecture 15:
Biomass Parts to Products

Lecture 16:
Oil Conversions & Syngas Conversions

Lecture 17:

Lecture 18:
Photosynthetic Organisms & Animals

Lecture 19:
Integrated Biorefineries

Lecture 20:
Biorefining in North America

Lecture 21:
USA Fuel Paradigm

Lecture 22:
Renewable Energy and Fuel Policy

Lecture 23:
Basic Energy Economics

Lecture 24:
Process Analysis with LCA and TEA

Lecture 25:
Emissions & Sustainability Considerations