Capital Campaign Cabinet

M A K E    T O M O R R O W    B E T T E R    F O R    E V E R Y O N E

Investing in Oregon

OSU’s College of Agricultural Sciences is seeking $170M as part of the University’s $1.75 billion capital campaign to make a meaningful impact on the lives of all Oregonians who care about environment, economy, community, and equity and access.

Funding Initiatives


Strengthening Communities

As a global leader in agricultural and natural resource sciences, our research, teaching and outreach helps save industries, create jobs, and improve ecosystems. Our work strengthens communities and advances equity and access for a growing and diverse population. As we equip the next generation of leaders to continually build upon these efforts, we work with stakeholders across the state and beyond to make tomorrow better for everyone in everything we do.



Cabinet Members

  • Carl Casale
  • Kathy Ward
  • Julianne Wood Rethwill
  • Bob Grover
  • Gary Roth
  • Kenneth Munson
  • Sherry Sheng

"The fact that we have abundant and relatively inexpensive food, is in part because the efforts of scientists that you don’t know, or perhaps you have never heard of. But they have been increasing our ability to be even more prolific and fill those needs… We need the scientists because we’re just one outbreak away from being hungry ourselves."

Greg Goad — Wheat Farmer